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Public Health Dissertation Topics

Interesting Public Health Research Topic Ideas What is the importance of learning public health in school? Identify and review a common public health issue in your community. The history of human health: Comparing what was considered healthy in ancient times to what is referred to as healthy today. Going vegan: How can it impact your health?

  • If you can’t decide what topic to choose, you can pay attention to the following problems existing in public health. These ideas can remind you of current health issues you may be interested in studying. How do large corporations influence the legislation around nutrition and food? Studying of recent policies.

  • Here are 10 to get you going. Are runway models ideal role models for how people should look? Can banning cigarettes make it easier for people to quit smoking? How should teens abstain from sexual activity when marketing campaigns have subliminal messages about sex? How effective is treatment options for substance abuse?

  • Proper public health is the responsibility of every citizen regardless of their status: Discuss Constructing public toilets in crowded cities is the most effective way to deal with communicable diseases Dealing with the issue of drug addiction among the youth as.

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